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Tenant satisfaction, investment value, cost-effective operations - a lot is riding on the performance of your commercial building. Owners and managers of commercial buildings around the world turn to the innovative experts at TOSHIBA for peace of mind - and measurable results.

Arubabank Hato Branch

Arubabank Hato Branch

Creating the best possible banking experience would not have been possible without the comfort of Toshiba VRF systems.

  • Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Commercial Application - Bank
IBM Office Building F31

IBM Office Building F31

This office building exhibits a modern and innovative design on the outside while Toshiba VRF systems satisfies the most demanding quality standards and provides the most confortable environment on the inside. LEED Commercial Interiors 2009 Gold certified on 09/26/2013

  • Heredia, Costa Rica
  • Office Building