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New Toshiba SMMSe

We are delighted to announce the launch of our flagship product SMMSe, the new “Super Modular Multi System” to join our VRF system line-up.

The SMMSe, released as the next generation model of the conventional SMMS-i, boasts an expanded single
outdoor unit capacity up to 22HP, as well as an expanded combination capacity up to 60HP, which is among
the industry’s leading line ups. Driven by features such as two units of newly-developed high-volume compressors
operated with Toshiba’s high-performance inverter, the product has dramatically raised energy efficiency
to one of the top in the industry while reducing its system cost.

SMMS-e comes with 3 new larger capacity units, producing up to 22HP on a single module platform.


Toshiba takes pride in the top-ranked class partial load performance of the SMMSe which is the only product in the HVAC industry that has obtained an European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of atToshiba Carrier takes pride in the top-ranked class partial load performance of the SMMSe, which is the only least 7.0 for all available chassis options both on stand-alone and combination bases. The SMMSe has also marked one of the highest class nominal efficiency ratios in the industry: 4.04 and 4.52 for EER and COP with the 8HP module, respectively.


For the first time in the industry, the SMMSe includes a contactless communication unit for easy service and maintenance as its standard equipment compatible with the Near Field Communication (NFC). It also has a protocol of contactless communication between devices and Android smartphones. This unique feature will enable our customers to obtain service and maintenance related data much quicker without removing the front panel of the outdoor unit in case of installation or after-sale services.

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With the launch of SMMSe, we will continue our efforts for evolution and pursue the development of optimal HVAC solutions in order to accommodate the needs from our customers in any possible application.

**NOW AVAILABLE FOR 380/415V-3-50Hz & 380V-3-60Hz ONLY. 


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