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Attention!! Discontinuation of Air to Air Heat Exchanger

TOSHIBA would like to announce the discontinuation of the “Air to Air Heat Exchanger”.

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Release Info! New Wired Remote Controller RBC-AMS54E-EN,-ES

We would like to announce the release of new wired remote controller "RBC-AMS54E-EN, -ES" for VRF and L/C. We are sure these new products will satisfy customers' needs and contribute to your business.

1. Line-up 


2. Production Date

  • June 2016 (EXW-Factory Toshiba Japan)RBC-AMS54E-ES.JPG

3. Features

  • Dual set point function with SHRM-e
  • Soft cooling function
  • Mode setting at the schedule timer and be able to program three pattern
  • Refrigerant leakage indication on the remote controller

4. Connectable Units

  •  All indoor units for VRF/LC.

 5. Functions


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Updates(As of Dec 17, 2015) include:

  • Applicable for SMMS-e Cooling only unit(s)
  • Applicable for SMMS-e
  • Applicable for indoor units
    • High Static Duct 6 series
    • Floor Standing 6 series
    • Large Capacity Floor Standings
  • Applicable for New BMS
  • Touch Screen Controller(BMS-CT5120E)
  • BN Interface(BMS-IFBN640E)
  • Bug Fix


Click HERE to download!

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New Toshiba SMMSe

We are delighted to announce the launch of our flagship product SMMSe, the new “Super Modular Multi System” to join our VRF system line-up.

The SMMSe, released as the next generation model of the conventional SMMS-i, boasts an expanded single
outdoor unit capacity up to 22HP, as well as an expanded combination capacity up to 60HP, which is among
the industry’s leading line ups. Driven by features such as two units of newly-developed high-volume compressors
operated with Toshiba’s high-performance inverter, the product has dramatically raised energy efficiency
to one of the top in the industry while reducing its system cost.

SMMS-e comes with 3 new larger capacity units, producing up to 22HP on a single module platform.


Toshiba takes pride in the top-ranked class partial load performance of the SMMSe which is the only product in the HVAC industry that has obtained an European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of atToshiba Carrier takes pride in the top-ranked class partial load performance of the SMMSe, which is the only least 7.0 for all available chassis options both on stand-alone and combination bases. The SMMSe has also marked one of the highest class nominal efficiency ratios in the industry: 4.04 and 4.52 for EER and COP with the 8HP module, respectively.


For the first time in the industry, the SMMSe includes a contactless communication unit for easy service and maintenance as its standard equipment compatible with the Near Field Communication (NFC). It also has a protocol of contactless communication between devices and Android smartphones. This unique feature will enable our customers to obtain service and maintenance related data much quicker without removing the front panel of the outdoor unit in case of installation or after-sale services.

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With the launch of SMMSe, we will continue our efforts for evolution and pursue the development of optimal HVAC solutions in order to accommodate the needs from our customers in any possible application.

**NOW AVAILABLE FOR 380/415V-3-50Hz & 380V-3-60Hz ONLY. 


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Central Controller has been replaced by Compliant Manager Standard

Beginning May, 2015 Central Remote controller model TCB-SC642TLE2 will no longer be offered.

Integrated.JPG1. Integrated / finished model

2. Basic specification comparison

Specification Comparison.JPG

3. Integration Date

Beginning of May, 2015

4. Notes

  • The panel of the Compliant Manager has the same appearance of the Smart Manager (Full spec.), but it does not have a web.
  •  No service parts included.


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Toshiba Air Conditioning 2015 Global Customer Conference

2015 Global Customer Conference was held on March 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Toshiba Air Conditioning 2015 Global Customer Conference

Toshiba Excellent Performance Award

Event objectives:
- To present Toshiba next generation VRF, SMMS-e

- To present Toshiba air conditioning vision, strategy, future technology and R&D

- 2014 achievement award ceremony

 Participants from Carrier InterAmerica Corporation:

Alexander Occupatti - CIAC GM, Jose Iragorry - VRF Sales Manager, Marcos A. Gonzalez - VRF Systems Sales, Jimmy Partodikromo - CHS - Our Aruba Dealer, Keith Roberts - Air Pro - Our Bermuda Dealer.

       2015 GCC group photo.jpg 

image2.JPG IMG_1476.JPG

Capture.JPG Capture1.JPG


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Updates(As of May 21, 2014) include:

  • Bug Fix - Seasonal Power Consumption Calculation
  • Modify Price List Output Layout
  • Bug Fix - Indoor unit pipping sixe missing between FS-Unit and Indoor Unit.
  • Add Indoor unit model
  • Add Remote Sensor TCB-TC21LE2
  • Add Remote Controller RBC-AS41E
  • Bug Fix - 3Phase Mini-SMMS piping size(Main Pipe, between branch)
  • Add SFC file Drag & Drop import function



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Get your project featured here!

Have you worked on a major project featuring Toshiba? Please tell us more about it!

We would like to promote all the great work that has been done with Toshiba and we need your help to do so.

Please take a moment to send out some information about the special project that you would like to share with us.

The requirements are:

  • Pictures (1 to 5 max)

Quality matters, please remember that these pictures will serve as an advertisement of your work!Toshiba Project.jpg

  • Products/Models.

Please provide the models and quantities of the units used.

  • Total Capacity (Tons)
  • Application.

What was the name of the project? what type of stablishment was it? (Hotel, Residence, School, Retail, Office etc.)

  • Customer requirements.

Were there any special requests? what were the customer's project specifications?

  • Challenges.

Was there anything particularly challenging that you were able to overcome?

  • The success story behind this project.

Here's where you can really show off!Toshiba - leading Innovation.jpg


Please provide all the information via email to: Toshibasales@carrierenterprise.com

Once we receive your data we will feature it on the site, and of course we will make sure to mention you!

We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing all about your projects!Advancing the Eco Evolution.png

Advanced Controls Training. 23~25 Sept 2013

This course provided a complete training into all currently available TOSHIBA control products. The attendees had the possibility to practice and discuss in detail, the function, application and sales features for those products.

UK Trainning.PNGShown in the picture together with EMEA engineering are the 11 participants:

From Poland: Pawel Pszczolkowski (VRF Technical Support Manager)
From Aircond: Christian Rumpl (Technical Support Engineer), Markus Pichler (Technical Support Engineer)
From ABK: Sven Beukes (Technical Support Engineer),Anstein Blystad (Technical Support Engineer)
From Carrier InterAmerica Corporation: Marcos A. Gonzalez & Nicolas DiCairano – VRF Systems Sales.
Jimmy Partodikromo & Jairzihno Velazquez – CHS/Aruba- Dealer.
Paul St. John – Viking Engineering/Grenada - Dealer.
Darren Bradley – Air Pro LTD/Bermuda - Dealer




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SHRMi launch

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